Manitoba Centre: Pembina Valley Interpretive Centre

A Rocha is thriving in southern Manitoba!

A Rocha’s prairie initiatives are currently concentrated at the Pembina Valley Interpretive Centre with some additional projects and events in southern Manitoba. The Pembina Valley Interpretive Centre overlooks the Pembina Valley, a little-known but intensely beautiful place. Open year-round, the Interpretive Centre welcomes 1,500 people each year; some come alone to experience rest and solitude, others come for picnics and hiking or snowshoeing. Groups of school children delve into hands-on studies of the watershed, forest, tall-grass prairie, flora and fauna in programming offered by A Rocha volunteers. All are welcomed to experience God’s creation.

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A Stunning View from our Manitoba Centre

A Stunning View from our Manitoba Centre

For internships, volunteering opportunities, or partnerships, please see ‘Get Involved’ at the top of the webpage.

For bed and breakfast or to book your luncheon and meeting, please call the Pembina Valley Interpretive Centre, 204.246.2059.

To book your school or homeschool field trip, please call the Pembina Valley Interpretive Centre, 204.246.2059

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